2015 Crystal Apple Award Winners

North Powder Charter School is proud to announce its winners of the Crystal Apple “Excellence in Education” awards:

  • Natalie Bingham
  • Betsy Nedrow

We appreciate the dedication and service these individuals devote each day to supporting education in our region.

Natalie Bingham has been at North Powder for two years as a high school English teacher.
An outstanding teacher, Natalie has already made an impact on the ELA program, setting rigorous expectations and working diligently with students to achieve them. Through classroom instruction, remedial instruction in essential skills, work with peers in the Title I program and commitment to administering many work samples and alternative assessments, 100% of her students met essential skills in reading and 95% met in writing. She is a great asset to North Powder. Nice work, Natalie!

Betsy Nedrow is a registered P.E. teacher, cook and paraprofessional who has worked at North Powder for six years. Betsy started at the school as an assistant who quickly became highly respected and was asked to teach P.E. She earned her registered license and began teaching K-8. When cafeteria help was needed, Betsy switched to that position; mid year when an assistant resigned, she took that job part time while still doing morning prep, afternoon clean-up and paperwork for the cafeteria, plus helping teach middle school P.E. at the end of the day. Betsy is a wonderful example of someone who does what is best for the distict in order to make things work! We appreciate you, Betsy!