2016 Crystal Apple Winners

North Powder School District is proud to announce our Crystal Apple Award winners for 2016: Allie Scott and Nancy Simonis! The winners were recognized in a ceremony in La Grande. Please join us in congratulating these great North Powder School District employees!

Allie Scott has worked at North Powder School for eight years and currently teaches 1st Grade. Allie is an inspiration to her students and is constantly monitoring their progress to identify needs and successes, provide them the best resources and ensure academic growth. Through her exemplary organizational skills, she is an effective teacher leader through mentoring peers, identifying and implementing best practices, leading PLCs and managing staff meetings in the superintendent’s absence. “She is a true asset and appreciated more than words can express.”

Nancy Simonis has worked for the district for 28 years. During that time, she has worn many hats – cook, paraprofessional, janitor, summer maintenance, administrative assistant, nurse and more. Nancy is always positive, warmly greeting students and adults each morning and ready to step up and do what’s best for the district every day. She works with a variety of students, is fair and reasonable and is an advocate for others at all times, with a constant smile and a kind heart. North Powder is so appreciative of Nancy!