Creating a Safe and Improved Classroom Environment by Removing Backpacks from the Classroom

Here at North Powder Charter School we strive to create the best and safest learning environment for all students. To continue in these efforts, administration and teachers see the need to remove backpacks from the classroom. This change will increase safety by:

  • Reducing the ability to conceal weapons, drugs, or other contraband
  • Reducing tripping hazards
  • Creating more space and mobility for all, including those with disabilities

Having no backpacks in the classroom will also improve the learning environment by:

  • Decreasing the distractions commonly brought to class in backpacks (such as food, electronic devices, and other items)
  • Help students stay organized

We will help students with this change by providing:

  • Clarity in what materials they will need for each class
  • Storage space in the ag building for books and materials needed for classes held in that facility

Each student is provided a locker each year that can hold a backpack. If the backpack is too full, items inside may need to be taken out and placed in the locker separately. Students are encouraged to obtain a lock from the office (free of charge as always) for the school year. They are still allowed to bring backpacks to school and take them home, they simply need to drop them off in their locker and carry only those items needed for class. Thank you for helping with this important change to improve the safety and learning environment for our students!


Paul Woodworth