Elementary School Damaged by Water

Update, January 4: Repairs in the elementary are almost completed.  Everything should be finished and rooms reoccupied by Friday.  Preschool will resume on Monday. 

The North Powder School District’s Elementary school sustained damage Monday, December 20, due to water pipes breaking. The south side of the older part of the building was affected, including the computer lab, preschool room, music room, girls’ bathroom and staff room. Ceilings and contents in some rooms were damaged.

According to Lance Dixon, superintendent of the district, staff have contacted the district’s insurance company, plumbers and contractors to assess the damage and to procure estimates for repair work. Dixon said classes should be able to resume as scheduled on January 3, 2017, although the preschool class may have to be temporarily moved.

“We will work as quickly and efficiently during winter break to repair damage and replace contents to get the affected rooms up and running again,” Dixon said.

Unfortunately, Dixon said the Elementary School will not be available over the holidays for outside groups to use, as work will be underway.