ODE Releases District Graduation Rates

mortar board and diploma

On Thursday, January 24, the Oregon Department of Education released graduation rates and dropout rates for school districts in Oregon. These are 2017-18 rates.

The North Powder School District’s graduation rate for 2017-2018 was 91%, compared to 92% the year before. The statewide graduation rate for 2017-18 was 78.1%. The district’s rate has historically been above the state level.

While the district’s graduation rate has maintained an average of 94% over a three-year period, the rating for 5-year completers is 98% over the last three years. This rate is students who may not graduate in the traditional four-year period, but return to complete their education.

North Powder School District has an outstanding rating level for 9th Grade On-Track students, which is how many 9th graders are on track to graduate. The district has been rated at Level 5 for the past three consecutive years. To score at Level 5, North Powder has had above a 95% rating for 9th Grade On-Track.

The dropout rate for North Powder School District is 0%. This indicates that students who leave North Powder before graduation are enrolling in other schools, moving out of state, enrolling in home school or completing their education in alternative settings.

Lance Dixon, district superintendent, said he is extremely proud of the graduation rate and the 5-year completer rate that North Powder has achieved.  “This is a true testament to the effort and cooperation of teachers, parents and students in the North Powder community.  I can only wish for this trend to continue in years to come. Thank you to all involved in making North Powder a great place to raise and educate your children!” Dixon said.

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